The Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon. Yay!

When Lululemon first announced they were going to host the inaugural SeaWheeze Half Marathon on August 11th, 2012, it took me a couple of minutes seconds to sign up for this race. I’m obsessed with Lululemon (hence the blog name) and the race was super close to my birthday and they said it was going to be wonderful and fun. What’s not to love?


When I signed up, I had never run a 5k or any race of that sort and up until Stacie convinced me to sign up for the Rock ‘n Roll Seattle half, it was going to be my first half marathon. Luckily, I had a blast during my first half marathon so training for and running this race was also enjoyable. The other thing that I didn’t anticipate when I signed up for SeaWheeze is that I would also be training for my first full marathon, but that’s another blog post. Continue reading