Three Things Friday


The sun is shining through the window at work, it’s finally Friday and I have two more days left of work before I leave for Jordan and Turkey for 2 1/2 weeks. Without further ado, let’s get right into Three Things Friday:

1. I love bright colors. I especially love bright colors during the spring and summer in Seattle. Today I’m wearing a bright green lace top with a coral necklace and it makes me happy. We don’t really get much of an opportunity to celebrate the sun around here so all things that are bright cheer me up.

2. Knotty Yoga. Unfortunately I haven’t done Knotty Yoga in over a year but the workout you get is incredible and it’s so much to hang from the aerial ropes. They’re offering a great deal on Amazon Local right now. If you pay $19, you get to attend an hour and a half intro workshop and one 30-minute class. Let me know if you buy the deal so that we can sign up for the workshop together.

3. Oiselle. I went to the sample sale a couple of weekends ago and picked up so many amazing pieces to add to my Oiselle collection. I’ve run or worked out in almost all the pieces I purchased and they’re all stylish and functional. I wonder when Oiselle will have their next sample sale 😉

Hope everyone is able to get outside this weekend and enjoy the sun. I have a quick 4-mile run on my training plan and then the rest of the weekend will be spent packing for my trip.

Hills + beer

I’ve been meaning to host a hills of doom + beers at Redhook meet up for a while now. Basically, we’ll run up and down the Tolt Pipeline Trail (aka Heart Attack Hill) and then reward our sweaty feat with as many beers and snacks as we can consume afterwards at Redhook Brewery, near the Tolt Pipeline Trail.

The trail is 14 miles and runs all the way from Woodinville to Duvall but we definitely do not have to run that far. Who is in? I’m thinking that April or May would work best. And would a weeknight or weekend work best for you?

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Back at it

After the Marine Corps Marathon, I decided to take a break from running since I had been training non-stop since last January. Plus, I find it really hard convincing myself to get off the couch and run outside when it’s in the low 40s, dark and raining. I’ve lived in Seattle for over 10 years now and the Florida girl in me still can’t stand being outside in gross, nasty conditions. Continue reading