I Broke My Butt

Now that I seem to be over my shin splints, I guess my body decided it needed something else to complain about. Last weekend, I ran 5 miles on the Powerline and Sammamish River Trail and I think the hills are what did me in & led to a pulled muscle. Given that I haven’t been sticking to my training plan as rigorously as I should’ve been due to all my vacations, I should’ve taken it easy. My husband was amused that I needed his help to sit down and get up for two entire days.

Because of my pulled butt muscle, I skipped the Seattle’s Best 15k since I’m not very good at taking it easy when it comes to races. Instead, I ran an easy and slow-paced 6 miles on the flat Sammamish River Trail. I was really bummed that I had to skip the race and miss out on meeting up with Erika and Allison. And speaking of races, I’m also a total dolt because I didn’t realize the West Seattle 5k was *this* Sunday.




My goal for Rock ‘n Roll Seattle is to run the entire 13.1 miles; no goal time since it’s my first half marathon. I will have a time goal for the Lululemon SeaWheeze half in August. Speaking of the SeaWheeze, it’s about 75% sold out. Still time to sign up, RunBirdieRun and RicoleRuns. No pressure but if you don’t come, you’re going to miss out on a kick ass Vancouver weekend.

What Training Plan?

I’m officially in the third week of half marathon training and it hasn’t taken me long to realize that I suck at following training plans. Part of the problem is that I can be stubborn and don’t like being told what to do & when to do it but the other problem is that I love some of my cross-training activities so much, such as spinning and hot yoga, that I’m having a hard time fitting some of the weekday runs into my schedule. On Monday, I was scheduled to run 4 miles and it’s also a day I have spinning so I hopped on the dreadmill an hour before class and then thought I was going to pass out and die during spinning. Since I sit in the front row and the Monday night classes are packed, that would be midly embarrassing. Considering how clumsy I am, I’m proud that I haven’t somersaulted over the handlebars yet.

So anyways, back to the training plan. I’ve been pretty good about sticking to the plan this week, especially since the cranky shins have calmed down a bit. I’ve included a copy of my plan below in case you’re curious. It was included as part of my half marathon core training program through my gym. I’ll talk about the program and how it’s going in a future post and you may even get to see some videos of my crappy form.

In other news, the cake pops that our super nice magazine partner sent us have finally disappeared from the office. Thank goodness. I was addicted to the cake pop crack despite the fact that cake pops do not agree with my stomach. At all. (And yet, I continue to eat them despite repeat sprints to the restroom).

Some cake pop porn for your viewing pleasure: