Random Friday Facts

Haven’t done a Random Friday Facts post in a while so I’m definitely overdue. Plus, this week has been insane and I don’t think my brain is coherent enough to type real sentences at the moment.

1. I think I might sign up for the Point Defiance 30k with some Twitter peeps. I didn’t even know 30k was a legitimate race distance. Some of my badass Twitter peeps (ahem, RicoleRuns) have signed up for a 50K (!).

2. Every work week should be a 4-day week.

3. I’m trying to convince a college friend to go to Jordan and Oman with me in November, post Marine Corps Marathon. Even if she bails, I’m still going.

4. I can’t wait to buy a road bike but I’m terrified of trying clipless pedals and falling over and breaking a bone. Why are they called clipless pedals since you clip into the pedal?

5. One of my work BFFs and I are going to work out a lot and drink a lot of wine next week. My idea of a perfect evening.

6. I was tempted to Google the photo of the guy who had his face eaten off by zombie dude. My husband told me I would have nightmares and never sleep again if I did.

7. Related to #6, I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead but I could never understand how the zombies were able to eat/rip through flesh so easily. Now I know it’s not that hard.

8. I’ve been stalking the Oiselle site for months and finally made my first purchase: A pair of violet Roga shorts.

9. Signed up for the foodie pen pal thing and I have no idea how I’m going to stay under a $15 budget. This is the most exciting thing to happen in my life in the last week.

10. I’m planning a Hills of Doom workout on the Tolt Pipeline trail next Tuesday. There will probably be tears. And swearing. At least I’ll get to wear my cute compression socks.

11. I’m addicated to neon compression socks from Zensah. Already have neon pink and neon green but I need more colors.

12. The stupid snow needs to melt in the mountains so that I can do some real hiking.

The end.