Dear Bitchy Shins…

I know that I probably pushed you up hills too fast & too soon but will you please forgive me? You’ve been cranky for almost two weeks now and I would really appreciate if you would stop throwing a temper tantrum and go back to normal. I’ll even promise to continue giving you extra attention with the stick (aka torture device), the foam roller and ice. kthxbye.

In all seriousness, my shin pain was bad enough that I went to a podiatrist last Friday just to be absolutely sure I didn’t give myself a stress fracture. After the very scientific hopping-on-one-foot test, the podiatrist confirmed I don’t have a stress fracture and just a gnarly case of shin splints. He confirmed that my feet are flat and that I over-pronate which is contributing to the shin splints. He gave me some insoles which I used for the first time last week but I’m not 100% convinced I should use them.

Despite the shin pain, I ran a 5k last weekend and sped up to an 8:50 pace for the last mile despite the pain. I’m trying to take it easy this week and focus on cross-training and am continuing to use all the torture crap on my legs. I’m incredibly inpatient and want the pain to be gone asap so that I can get back on track with my training plan. I need to learn patience since I’m guessing I developed shin splints in the first place from pushing myself too hard. You mean I shouldn’t do hill repeats at an insane pace when I’m just returning to running?

If you’ve had a case of bitchy, cranky shins, how long did it take you to recover?