I’m back!

It’s been a crazy couple of months between my vacation schedule, training schedule and work insanity. On the plus side, I was given the title of Lead Producer on my team and took on some extra responsibilities. I’ve included a quick recap of the past couple of months below.

Vacation #1: St. John, Virgin Islands
I went to St. John with 3 of my friends at the end of March for a much needed getaway. We rented a villa about 10 minutes away from Cruz Bay at the top of a mountain. Since I was the drive on the trip, it was my job to ensure that we didn’t die going up and down the switchbacks in our busted Suzuki (aka not the Jeep I rented and paid for). I succeeded but there were a few moments there when I was sweating bullets.

We explored a lot of beaches and did a lot of snorkeling on this trip which pretty much equates to a perfect vacation for me. Didn’t do a lot of running since the entire island is very hilly and right before my vacation, my shin splints were acting up. I was in enough pain that I went to the doctor because I was worried about a stress fracture. He told me to back off from running a fast pace and on hills and given that I’m ok with being a lazy sloth on vacation, it worked out perfectly.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Yes, I look really cool

My “abstract art” knees

Vacation #2: Florida
Right after I returned from St. John, I had to hop on a plane for some exciting business trips. They made me grumpy so I won’t really mention them here. A month after I returned from St. John, I went to Key West and St. Augustine, Florida for about 10 days. My little sister graduated from nursing school and since Florida is a long way away, the husband and I decided to make a vacation out of it. We spent a lot of time walking around Key West, exploring beaches on other islands and relaxing in general. I’m a little bitter that I failed at driving the scooter; we couldn’t get a refund so we ended up paying $300 to rent an electric golf cart. Woo.

Here are a few photo highlights:

The husband discovered margaritas in a can. Who knew?

My sisters and I know how to keep it classy.