Hills + beer

I’ve been meaning to host a hills of doom + beers at Redhook meet up for a while now. Basically, we’ll run up and down the Tolt Pipeline Trail (aka Heart Attack Hill) and then reward our sweaty feat with as many beers and snacks as we can consume afterwards at Redhook Brewery, near the Tolt Pipeline Trail.

The trail is 14 miles and runs all the way from Woodinville to Duvall but we definitely do not have to run that far. Who is in? I’m thinking that April or May would work best. And would a weeknight or weekend work best for you?


3 thoughts on “Hills + beer

  1. YES YES YES!!! My ass SO needs some hill work! Sign me up!!! May probably works best for me because I have two sets of friends flying in in April. Don’t plan around me though! I will try to make it happen no matter what date is decided!!

  2. This would be fun. But FYI – I think the pub at Red Hook is closed for remodel. Not sure until when, but you should look into it. 🙂

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