Back at it

After the Marine Corps Marathon, I decided to take a break from running since I had been training non-stop since last January. Plus, I find it really hard convincing myself to get off the couch and run outside when it’s in the low 40s, dark and raining. I’ve lived in Seattle for over 10 years now and the Florida girl in me still can’t stand being outside in gross, nasty conditions.

I started running again in January but I had so much work travel that month that the majority of my exercise consisted of taking my shoes off at the TSA line, walking around the airport and eating lots of yummy but bad for me food with my coworkers. I started getting a little more serious about running in February when I realized that I do have a half marathon coming up as well as a fall marathon and I should probably get my butt in gear.

I’m so glad that I’m running again. I’ve missed being outside and the beautiful views, such as the one below, taken on the Tolt Pipeline Trail, aka the Trail of Tears or Heart Attack Hill. Starting to run again is much easier said than done. When I first started training last year, every PDR was a huge achievement for me. Now that I’m starting all over, I know that I’m capable of running 26.2 miles but at the moment, running 4 miles feels very hard. Much harder than it should.


With this round of training, I won’t make the same mistake in terms of my complete lack of strength training. My lack of core/strength training landed me in physical therapy for a couple of months before my upcoming marathon. I’ve already resumed my plank a day and have incorporated weights and other exercises on a regular basis. I’ve also hired a running coach to get me through marathon training and I’m hoping that with her help, I’ll become a little bit faster while avoiding injury. I’ll also feel accountable recording my runs and workouts in TrainingPeaks.

Without further ado, here are my goals for 2013:

  • Run 1 marathon and at least 2 half marathons (signed up for the Chicago Marathon, Duvall Half Marathon and some more half marathons TBD)
  • Run a sub 2:00 half marathon. My half marathon PR is 2:06 from last September
  • Take 15 minutes off my marathon time
  • Strength training & core work at least 3x/week
  • FlyWheel classes at least 2x/week
  • Schedule & attend more meetups with blog friends 🙂

What are your goals for 2013?

1 thought on “Back at it

  1. Totally understand about not wanting to run in the coldness, and I’ve been a Jersey girl my entire life. Your goals sound great – very detailed and achievable! Best of luck with them!

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