Random Friday Facts

1. I haven’t run a half marathon yet but decided to go ahead and register for my first marathon. I’ll be running 26.2 miles on October 28th in Washington, DC and I’m SO freakin’ excited.

2. People (especially coworkers) usually think I’m the most patient person in the world but I do get really frustrated when others do not learn things quickly. I’m very good at hiding my frustration.

3. I usually get more compliments on my hair after I’ve had a good sweat session and thrown some hairspray on top of it than when I actually put effort into styling it. It’s pretty rare that I style my hair nowadays.

4. The running related nightmares have already started. I had a dream where my coach was screaming “faster..faster..FASTER! FASTER!@#*@*$” at me. Yikes.

5. I have zero artistic ability. So much so that I’m probably going to hire a designer to create a new blog header for me since my previous attempts have failed.

6. Sometimes I talk about working out too much with my friends and family. I feel bad but since my workouts now take up a more significant portion of my life, it’s hard not to talk about it. I guess I need to blog more often 🙂

7. My nose runs a lot during an intense workout. I won’t go into the graphic details but let’s just say that I had some issues during spinning on Wednesday and it wasn’t pretty. I’m thankful I had easy access to two towels from my bike.

8. My legs are starting to look more muscular which is a first for me. I wore shorts to the gym the other day and got a “hot damn” from my husband.

9. I can’t decide if I like hot yoga or Barre3 better for cross-training (1x/week). Any thoughts on this one?

10. My job is super glamorous and I get to fly to exciting places like Minneapolis (and miss two workouts). Woo.

3 thoughts on “Random Friday Facts

  1. Yay for signing up for your first marathon! So awesome. I have never tried a Barre3 class (I am way behind the times on all cross-training activities like that, still haven’t even ever done a spin class) but would love to sometime. There’s a good place?

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