Weekend Workout Recap

Yesterday, I tried out a class at Knotty Yoga with the Sweaty Betties. I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect going into the class but I had a wonderful time and the class kicked my butt much more than I expected. Let’s just say that I could barely move this morning.

The studio was opened 3 weeks ago by Mason, a 10-year Microsoft veteran, and he’s been teaching aerial acrobatics and yoga for 7 years. Knotty Yoga is a mixture of yoga, aerial acrobatics conditioning, strength training and Thai massage. There was a lot of core and strength work included in the class which I appreciated given that I don’t work those areas enough. The hardest part of class was the aerial acrobatics portion. I had a hard time turning myself upside down and needed a lot of assistance. I was amazed so many women in the group were able to lift themselves upside down. Again, more proof that I need to do some serious strength training.

Once we finished with the strength/acrobatics portion of class, we moved on to Thai massage which required getting very intimate with your partner. Let’s just say that I’m glad I shaved my legs and showered before class. Also very glad that there weren’t random dudes in our class since that would’ve been awkward. The Thai massage portion of class was so relaxing and Mason offers classes specifically on Thai massage which would be great to do with your significant other.

I highly recommend trying some classes at Knotty Yoga. Mason often offers free workshops and intro classes on the weekend so make sure to check out their Facebook page if you’re in the Seattle area.

Even though I could barely push myself out of bed, I went to a Barre3 class this morning. I used to do Barre3 classes 3-4 times a week a year and a half ago and after going for 3 months, I was in pretty good shape. This morning’s class made me realize how much strength I’ve lost since I stopped going. Unfortunately I don’t have any cool pictures from this morning’s session.

If I manage to get my butt off the couch, I’m going to head out for a 6-mile run. What did you do this weekend?

This is way harder than it looks

"Seriously? We're doing THAT?! I don't think my body bends that way"

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